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I hired this company to put in granite countertops and a backsplash in my kitchen.The service was terrible.

The workers left trash all over the kitchen, ruined my new sink and did not install the faucet properly. At each an every turn of the job more money was added to the contract. The sales rep came and took pictures of the poor quality and said he would have someone come back and redo the work. He tried to buy me off with a steak dinner.

He then said he fired the worker but never sent anyone back to fix the problem.

Months of calls, voice mails and emails were never responded to.I ultimately had to hire and pay another company to come and redo the entire job.

Monetary Loss: $1400.


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Also a false comment written by the same person who is writing all these bad reviews. Competitor that is struggling in life has to take out their frustrations on a good company.


I too hire got granite and to me I could have Googled how to do granite and done a better job. Josh leech has no knowledge of granite. He's lucky he has not been shot or stabbed for the work him and his employees do.


Josh leech from got granite has been ripping people off for years.He has no knowledge on how to work with granite.

He just has a big truck to go with his big mouth.He deserves to be shot for all the people he's ripped off.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #951302

horrible company

to john #967297

Joshua company should not b called. Got granite it should b called Got duck granite. His company doesn't even kiss u they just duck you

San Antonio, Texas, United States #884025

I too am not happy with Hot Granite!!!Josh never followed up on our satisfaction after the job was done.

We asked for the cutout for the sink so we could use it as a cutting board. Never got it. Gave them my brand new black sink so they could measure cutout. Sink came back with scratches.

Also granite obviously got broken and they "patched" it together. I should have read the reviews before hiring Got Granite. Very unhappy.

I WAS going to have them do both bathrooms, not now.*** no!!!!


No, that was the completed job according to them.They left this mess for me.

My bad, I paid it all up front....lesson learned.

BTW,,,,Josh is the contractor so wondering why he is giving me advice now.If you like I would still like a refund.


the pictures were taken before job was even complete.... If customer was not happy why did she sign a completion page and pay the other half when we were done???

Boerne, Texas, United States #800184

I have searched high and low for more complaints about this contractor and just can't find another.I am thinking about hiring them to do my kitchen.

Too bad all the satisfied customers don't write a comment, but again I guess this site is only for pissedconsumers.Still looking for happy customers site.

to anonymous1 San Antonio, Texas, United States #800916

I wished I had gone to Angie's List. Or if you are interested, the guy who did the repair was great. I can refer you to him.

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